Montplet group



With our clients, workers and society in general.


To learn and improve as a company and as professionals.


Our long tradition in the market is our guarantee.


We are a motivated team, and we help each other to overcome problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.


We understand our business well and offer that knowledge to our clients.


We are optimistic about our future and are always keen to improve.


Because we are a family company and because of the long-lasting relationships we have established with our clients.



This was the year that the business was established by JAUME PRUNÉS FONT, and given its founder's name. It started out as an alcohol warehouse and rectification workshop at Paseo del Cementerio No. 105-107 in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona.


October 7th
The Alcohol Warehouse was moved to Avda. Icaria No.171-173, Barcelona. There was a change of direction in the company's ethyl alcohol business: the rectification factory was sold in order to concentrate on wholesale and retail sales, purchasing and distribution activities at the Alcohol Warehouse. The main clients were companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and distilled beverage factories.


October 9th
Jaume Prunés Font, who had no children, brought his nephew Francisco Montplet Prunés into the family business.


January 19th
Francisco Montplet Prunes bought the business from his uncle, Jaume Prunés Font, and changed the company's name to Francisco Montplet Prunés. He continued with the same family business and also founded Destilerías Montplet, which manufactured and sold liquors to the domestic market.


October 27th
Francisco Montplet purchased an old flour mill at Calle Valencia No 645, as well as the adjacent land. He set up a perfume factory called MONTPLET, S.A. (MONTSA).


November 16th
Inauguration of the new plant and offices in Calle Valencia No 645. The Montplet: Francisco Montplet Prunes - Montplet, S.A. - Destilerías Montplet business group moved to the new premises.


July 5th
Founding of ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. (the new name of what was formerly the Francisco Montplet Prunes company). The company was dedicated to the same activity, with a focus on alcohol distribution. Carlos Socias Raventós, husband of Marta Montplet Foj, daughter of Francisco Montplet Prunés, became the new manager.


August 31st
Purchase of Alcoholes Antich, S.A. (1925), which was merged into the alcohol distribution business line, thus reinforcing the company's leadership in the alcohol distribution market.


January 19th
Purchase of Alcoholes Barcelona, S.A. and 3 adjacent properties in Calle Vía Trajana, Barcelona. The following year, Alcoholes Barcelona was renamed Productos Químicos Barcelona, S.A. (PROQUIBASA), focusing on the distribution of chemical products.

May 11th
The company was relocated to its current site: Calle Vía Trajana, 53-55.


May 15th
Santiago Monfort Carles-Tolra, husband of Mrs María Eugenia Socias Montplet (granddaughter of Francisco Montplet Prunés), became the new manager.


July 17th
MEN laboratories were founded, dedicated to the sale of pharmaceutical specialities for disinfection and skin care.

December 15th
The facilities were expanded following the purchase of 1,400 m2 of adjacent land in Rambla Prim.


The business expanded into the distribution for the Iberian Peninsula of Mosstanol L (an alcoholic blend from South Africa).


The company is joined by the fifth generation of the family, Patricia and Vanessa Monfort Socías. Their mission was to boost the parapharmacy laboratory.

13 September
Alcoholes Montplet incorporated and absorbed the Laboratories business into its Vía Trajana plant.


January 19th
Starts Laboratorios Montplet activity


Carlos Soto became the new director due to a change of management.


Patricia Monfort joined Proquibasa and became manager a year later. Vanessa Monfort became head of the Parapharmacy laboratory.

30 July
The facility was expanded following the purchase of an adjacent building and land on Vía Trajana, adding 650 m2 to the site to bring it to its current size of 9,000 m2.


January 19th
Start of exports and international activities of Laboratorios Montplet.


The alcohol-based organic solvents line was added to the business.


Creation of a new range of products for the household goods and DIY sectors.


Andreu Mas-Colell, Conseller d'Economia i Coneixement of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government), visits the company facilities on account of the 125th anniversary celebration.
We would like to thank our clients and collaborators for the trust they have placed in us over all these years.


Remodelling of the manufacturing and packaging facilities of OTC products.


The split of Alcoholes Montplet and Laboratorios Montplet is carried out.